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2009 to 2019

Thank you

After many years in the animal welfare community, we will be officially closing our organization once our current adoptable pets are adopted. We make this announcement with great sadness but with sincere gratitude for the many years of support from our community. To our volunteers, donors & supporters, we THANK YOU! We could not have accomplished the thousands of animal adoptions and community spay and neuter surgeries without YOU!  It has been a great run!

We close knowing there are other local programs available to assist the community that were not available when we started in 2009.  We hope you will continue to donate, volunteer and support those organizations and programs!

With Gratitude,

Beth C. & Holly T. - Voiceless-MI Co-founders

We will continue to support any animals adopted through us!

If you have adopted from us and need to contact us to return a dog or cat or need advice regarding a pet you adopted through us, please email or call 517-977-6378


For other assistance, please contact one of the following organizations:

For help surrendering a pet, spay/neuter services or Trap-Neuter-Return:

               Capital Area Humane Society – – (517) 626-6060  (to surrender)

               Capital Area Humane Society Spay & Neuter Clinic - (517) 908-0756  (for spay/neuter and TNR services only)

               Ingham County Animal Shelter – – (517) 676-8370 (to surrender and spay/neuter programs)

               Eaton County Humane Society (cats only) – – (269) 749-9440 


Other nearby animal rescues:

Animal Placement Bureau (dogs only) – – (517) 346-4505

Last Day Dog Rescue – –

Companion Cats – – (269) 968-1540

Saved By Zade - - Contact via facebook

Mid-Michigan Cat Rescue - -


Once again, we are humbled by the years of generosity and support from our community and we are forever grateful!

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